It’s harder this year. Isn’t it? The world – and especially our country – is changing and sometimes that seems scary and overwhelming, and I don’t know about anyone else but I’m having a hard time with thankfulness of late. So I’m going to do a little something I’ve done before (no links, because lazy and also no one is reading anyway) and list out things that I’m thankful for right now. Family, health, etc. are a given, so this is really about the little things. It’s easy to lose sight of those, especially when the big picture seems so bleak. So! *brisk clap* Here we go.

I’m thankful for living somewhere with mild weather pretty much year round.

I’m also thankful for a landlord that gets involved when we ask him to but leaves us alone the rest of the time.

A job that doesn’t make me miserable (and is even enjoyable some of the time). And for a flexible dress code that allows me to get away with wearing jeans pretty much whenever.

The new Metallica album that dropped earlier this month.

New pink Converse.

A nearby consignment store where I can often score things like mint condition 7 For All Mankind jeans.

Living in a city where I have limitless food delivery options, so that I can order whatever I want from the comfort of my living room.

Having older kids that both sleep through the night and help with household chores.

That my 8yo has discovered the new version of MacGyver and snuggles up on the couch with me to watch and discuss.

Hot apple cider with a splash (okay, sometimes more than a splash) of rum.

A nearby hair salon with awesome Yelp ratings, reasonable prices and ONLINE APPOINTMENT BOOKING (whether I am thankful for the results will be determined Saturday.)

Old episodes of Supernatural and Burn Notice, which I can watch a million times over without ever getting sick of them.

Ditto Escape From New York, my absolute favorite movie of all time.

Having the means and the vacation time to visit family in Texas for the holidays.

Wine. Always, always wine.

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