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Here we are

I really do want to get back into blogging, so I guess the best thing to do is just a little free association-type writing…and a few updates. The Job – is the job. Good days and bad, just like any job. I have a great team and have made some good friends. That is all […]

A slew of annoyances (and parentheses)

Um, hey there. I still have a blog and stuff, it seems. I’m really quite tired of beginning each post with an explanation of where I’ve been. (Something that I suppose could be avoided by updating regularly, hmm.) The actual fact of the matter is, I haven’t felt like writing. I’m tired, okay? And whiny. […]

The story of a girl, a raccoon, and a patio door that locks from the inside.

In the wee hours of Monday morning I woke up to the sounds of a furious cat hissing, spitting and pawing at glass. Blearily I rolled out of bed, expecting to see her fighting with the neighbor’s cat through the window (again). But no, instead of a large yellow cat I saw a humongous raccoon, […]

A long-overdue update

Over a month since my last post? D’oh. So much for posting regularly. I’ve been far better about updates on Facebook and Twitter, so that’s probably a better way to keep track if you’re so inclined (yes, even YOU, friends from Old Workplace who are the last holdouts left on EARTH. AHEM). Anyway, on to […]

In which I write a post with content. And also pictures. (The pictures are really key.)

Unsurprisingly, I let time get away from me again but now I actually have things to report! We have a place to live! And Misty has a daycare! And both of these things are very! Exciting! And cause me to use poor grammar and multiple exclamation points! I had arranged for a realtor to help […]