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This cannot be real life

It’s been weeks now since the election and I’m still not over it. I don’t know that I ever will be. Beyond the obvious heartbreak that this country apparently would rather have a racist, bigoted, misogynistic blowhard reality TV star in our highest office than a woman with a normal amount of political scandals in […]

A (very) few thoughts on this election

Less than three weeks, guys. Like 19 days or something at this point. We can do this. We can survive this election. Honestly, I’ve always been sort of a lazy voter. I’ve rarely bothered with local elections at all, because I don’t usually keep up with the issues and don’t want to vote if I’m uninformed. […]

A slew of annoyances (and parentheses)

Um, hey there. I still have a blog and stuff, it seems. I’m really quite tired of beginning each post with an explanation of where I’ve been. (Something that I suppose could be avoided by updating regularly, hmm.) The actual fact of the matter is, I haven’t felt like writing. I’m tired, okay? And whiny. […]

And how was your day?

After running a few errands this afternoon, I stopped at the gym before heading to the grocery store and then on to pick up the kids.  As usual, I had scheduled myself down to the very last second – I rushed through my workout and left myself just enough time to grab a few major […]

I really need for this week to be over

Dear County Constable Officer: I owe you a sincere thanks for not ticketing my dumb ass as it sped merrily through a 45 mph work zone at 60 miles an hour.  While, um, talking on my cell phone.  I deserved that ticket and we both knew it.  Although to be honest, I’m just glad you […]