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I am not really a “typical” woman when it comes to a lot of things.  I don’t particularly like to cuddle or hold hands.  I tend to be cranky and temperamental.  I’m an anal-retentive control freak that is militant about a large number of household-related tasks.  I am completely lacking in sympathy and therefore make a terrible nursemaid.  […]

Worth every single one of those many, many pennies.

Last week, in celebration of our 10th wedding anniversary, N and I took a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean on the Carnival Conquest.  And IT. WAS. AWESOME.  Wonderfully relaxing, and precisely what I needed after a looooooong semester of statistics and major stress. I truly couldn’t have asked for a more perfect vacation. The boarding […]

From the outside listening in

Scene: Dinnertime, kitchen.  I’m putting away the clean silverware.  N is sitting nearby. Me: This silverware is getting nasty.  We’re going to need to replace it.  It offends me. N: Yeah, I know.  That’s okay, we’ll have to go to IKEA soon anyway to get a thing for his thing.  [looks meaningfully at AE] AE: […]

32 things I adore about you

To my husband, on his 32nd birthday: 1.  You take AE to school every morning, because you know that particular brand of traffic makes me stabby. 2.  You gave up your car and volunteered to drive my 9-year-old 4Runner without a second thought, because you knew that BMW was what I really, really wanted. 3.  […]

Anatomy of a bad movie

If you recall, my husband and I have very different expectations and requirements for what constitutes an enjoyable movie.  He needs intellectual stimulation in his films, which usually includes decent acting and a cohesive, well-written plot.  I require none of these things, and in fact most of the movies I watch can hardly be categorized […]