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A long-overdue update

Over a month since my last post? D’oh. So much for posting regularly. I’ve been far better about updates on Facebook and Twitter, so that’s probably a better way to keep track if you’re so inclined (yes, even YOU, friends from Old Workplace who are the last holdouts left on EARTH. AHEM). Anyway, on to […]

A brief conversation

In a burst of housecleaning frenzy I did some rearranging and reappropriation of storage containers.  Which led to this conversation with my son. Lex:  Why are my stuffed animals all in my laundry basket? Me:  Because now it is a stuffed animal basket. Lex:  Oh.  [leaves] Lex:  [immediately comes back]  But where are my dirty […]

Some decisions, and a movie review just for kicks

I’ve grown weary of the nicknames I use for my family on this blog.   I was feeling woefully uncreative when I first started writing here and couldn’t be bothered to come up with anything fun for N and AE. Then Miss T came along and I copped out with her, too.  I don’t use real […]

It’s funny now, but check with me in a few years

Tonight, before dinner: Miss T: I’m firsty! I want some juice. Me: Go get your cup out of the fridge then.  You can reach it.  Then sit down at the table, it’s almost time to eat. Miss T: [retrieves juice, settles herself at the table] I did it! Me: Good!  Did you wash your hands? […]

A most accusatory conversation

Since N was in Florida for a week, the kids were very excited to see him on Tuesday evening.  Wednesday he dropped them off at school and told Miss T that he would pick her up after work.  However, he got bogged down in first-day-back mess, so asked me to get her instead.  She’ll be […]