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This blog has been dead for almost 2 years but who cares! Let’s talk about Sons of Anarchy!

Hi! Obviously it has been *mumble mumble* months since I posted anything, but it’s never too late to revive this poor blog, right? Especially when I have very important things to talk about. Things like Sons of Anarchy. Forget about boring updates on why I haven’t posted lo these many (many) months, I HAVE TO […]

Movie reviews! (Yes, we’re back to this again.)

Man, it has been quite a while since I reviewed any movies on this here blog (or even wrote anything, SHUT IT). But! I have actually seen movies lately – gasp – in the theater even, so review I shall. First up: The Last Stand. N and I were both very pleasantly surprised by this. […]

A post-Thanksgiving cornucopia of movie reviews

Thanks to a recent international flight and a holiday, I’ve seen quite a few movies in the past few weeks.  I don’t think I’ve reviewed much of anything lately (wine or movies), so how about we jump right in? Captain America – Not really what I was expecting, but I’m not sure it’s fair to […]

Movie review – Rubber

I can sum up this little gem in two words:  WEIRD-ASS CRAP. Is that technically three words?  I guess.  Well, whatever.  You’ll see what I mean in a second here. Rubber is the story of a homicidal tire with telekinetic abilities.  Yes, you read that right. A tire. That can use its mind to kill. […]


First order of business – N told me he’d divorce me if I refer to him as Nic on this blog.  Or at the very least, take my site down completely!  I was correct in my assumption that he wouldn’t go for Nic, heh.  Betty had a good idea, but I call my father-in-law Roz […]