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2012, Summarized

If you care to read them, you can find 2010′s end-of-year summary here and 2011 over here.  If you write one, let me know in the comments – I love reading these as much as I love writing them! 1. What did you do in 2012 that you’d never done before? Finished graduate school. Interviewed for a […]

A long-overdue update

Over a month since my last post? D’oh. So much for posting regularly. I’ve been far better about updates on Facebook and Twitter, so that’s probably a better way to keep track if you’re so inclined (yes, even YOU, friends from Old Workplace who are the last holdouts left on EARTH. AHEM). Anyway, on to […]

In which I write a post with content. And also pictures. (The pictures are really key.)

Unsurprisingly, I let time get away from me again but now I actually have things to report! We have a place to live! And Misty has a daycare! And both of these things are very! Exciting! And cause me to use poor grammar and multiple exclamation points! I had arranged for a realtor to help […]


Totally copping out with a bulleted list already. I have to be honest, now I remember why my blog posting has always been so sporadic. It turns out that a lot of times I’m just flat not in the mood to write anything, especially not when there’s wine to be consumed and TV to be […]

In which I refuse to be defeated by public transportation

In news that should come as a shock to no one: after all my gleeful exclamations about making public transportation my bitch, I got lost on the MUNI light rail this morning. Went inbound when I should have gone outbound and didn’t figure out the error until I was at the Embarcadero. Because I am […]