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AE’s birth story. 5 years, 8 months and 7 days after the fact.

I am in an exceedingly foul mood today for a variety of uninteresting reasons. I had started a whiny, bitchy post that detailed each and every one of those reasons but I realized that it was just making me crankier and who wants to read a post like that anyway? So instead I have decided […]

Miss T’s birth story. Finally.

I was sitting on the couch last night this morning holding a drowsy Miss T when I realized that I never posted her birth story. N wrote his version of it ages ago, you can find that here. But I thought maybe I should record my interpretation of events for posterity as well, so here […]

Special Announcement

Howdy everyone! NonSoccerMom’s husband filling in for her today with a special update – our baby girl arrived this afternoon!

An update! But not the update you are hoping for.

So, life goes on here at the NonSoccerMom-Modernish Father household.  Currently, we’re spending a rather relaxing Christmas Day doing whatever we want.  Usually we’re in the midst of extended family gatherings, but since the baby could come any day now we opted to stay close to home (and NOT host anyone at our house, either).

Still pregnant, still cranky

Moan moan moan, whine gripe complain.  And..fin!  Seriously, that’s all I have.  My sleeping situation seems to have worsened – I think I am officially too heavy for my own hip bones.  And since pregnant women aren’t supposed to sleep on their backs, I’ve been trying to wedge a cushion under whichever hip I’m lying […]