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As if I have anything better to do

Since N is in Florida and the kids are in bed, how better to spend my Saturday night than reviewing wine?  I haven’t done that in a while anyway, because even though grad school has not slowed my wine consumption considerably, it has slowed the frequency with which I post here.  Which is devastating to […]

A conversation with my mother

Because sometimes they are almost as amusing as conversations with my kids. Scene: My cubicle at the office, around 10 a.m.  My mom called to ask a question. Mom: I’m sorry to bother you at work, but I need to know what that thing is called that my friends gave me at my retirement party. […]

Because wine makes everything better

This just in: Life is not fair.  It SHOULD BE, but it IS NOT, and I hate that.  I hate that I can’t make it fair, that I can’t fix unfathomable things that should never have happened.  But I can’t. So.  Rather than sit here and wallow, let’s talk about wine, shall we?  Why, yes, […]

Wine review/PSA

I got a gift certificate to Spec’s for Christmas, which was of course all kinds of exciting.  Even more exciting, when I went to use it I discovered that a Nautico wine I’d been wanting to try was on sale.  Score! This one is a 2006 blend of semillon  (93%) and sauvignon blanc (7%).  Now, […]

Two things: One important, the other less so.

Two completely unrelated things, that is, but N is out of town for the evening and I’m sitting here with hours of lonely Friday evening stretching before me, so this is what you get.