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The world of academia – a Moscow perspective

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to participate in an exchange program which took me to Moscow. People, let me tell you: I never imagined that working in university research administration could provide such amazing travel opportunities. I was selected as a participant in the Eurasia Foundation US-Russia Social Expertise Exchange program, and they sponsored […]

Updates (Title! Such creative! So exciting!)

I guess I’m back to posting sporadically, which is presumably better than not posting at all. I suppose so, anyway. Even though I really enjoy writing, I find there isn’t much of interest going on in my day-to-day life. At least not much of anything that I could write about in a way to be […]

This week, in summary

It has been a week, let me tell you. For everyone, it seems. Here’s an overview, as told in a series of (slightly edited) email excerpts between my sister and me. As you’ll see, our conversations span a wide variety of extremely important topics. *** Monday Sher: I was in some kind of FUNK this […]

Obligatory post-trip update

Okay, so I got back from Qatar on November 3.  Sue me, okay? You read this blog, you get what you pay for. Anyhow.  Qatar, yes.  A couple of coworkers and I were sent to our campus in Doha to meet with some researchers face-to-face prior to a big proposal deadline.  And I am here […]

Eyeballs, etc.

LASIK update Y’all.  Y’ALL.  I had several people tell me how awesome it is, how I would wish I’d done it years ago.  And guess what?  I TOTALLY WISH I’D DONE IT YEARS AGO.  In addition to the cost (which is admittedly substantial), I was mostly worried about silly things, like being required to keep […]