Stuff I want

…in case you want to buy it for me. This list previously had not been updated since November of 2010, and was sadly outdated. Now it is current as of November 2016. I may not update my blog very often but I wouldn’t want to leave anyone without a gift idea!

NonSoccerMom’s Birthday/Christmas/Celebration of Awesomeness Wish List

  • A pair of these running shoes. Size 10, classic natural gray.
  • A pair of Tieks. Size 10. Basically any color will do, I love them all. The metallic bronze¬†classics are my current favorite.
  • One of these amazing pendants.
  • A giant bag of Dum-Dums. Or coconut Jelly Bellys.
  • This backpack. Or this one. Or this one.
  • This hoodie, size S.
  • Gift cards – iTunes, Amazon, Delta Airlines, JetBlue or Southwest.
  • Or clothing-related gift cards – J. Crew, Banana Republic or Madewell.
  • I’m Judging You by Luvvie Ajayi.
  • Supernatural Trivial Pursuit.
  • Pacific Rim on either Blu-ray or DVD.
  • A pair of dark gray or black leggings/jeggings/form-fitting pants, preferably with pockets and of the variety that can actually be worn as pants without a long shirt. Basically skinny fit work pants, I guess. Size 4, long if possible.
  • These Metallica sweatpants, size S or M.
  • New slipper boots. I’m not picky, but something fuzzy and warm with a substantial enough sole to wear¬†on pavement for things like getting the mail and taking out the trash.