And this is them.

Maybe you’ve read the page about me, and you want more info on the folks I discuss on this blog. Or maybe you found your way to this page by mistake. Either way, here’s the story on the people I claim as my family – for better or worse.

N: My husband of eight-plus years. I love him very much although sometimes I think it is his mission in life to irritate the living crap out of me. He is a wonderful husband and a phenomenal dad, so I look past this habit as well as some of his other more bizarre personality traits. We are about as different as humanly possible, but we manage to peacefully co-exist anyway. He has his own blog here.

AE: My oldest, born September 2002 (and the only one of us that is not a native Texan). He is the smartest kid I know. It’s possible that I’m biased, but I’m not joking when I say that at 7 years of age he knows more about geography than I could ever hope to know. How many other kids have you encountered that know the capital of Mongolia? (It’s Ulan Bator, in case you weren’t aware.) I would like to emphasize that he did not get this freakish memory and ability to retain facts from me – that’s his dad all the way. If AE ever decides to use his smarts for evil we’re all in a lot of trouble.

Miss T: The newest addition to our family, born December 2007.  She is incredibly good natured and cheerful, and is quite the ambitious little thing – crawling by about 6 months and walking at nine.  She’s almost two now, and the personality differences between her and her brother are already quite evident.  He is reserved, and cautious, and shy, and she is…well, not so much.  I can’t lie.  I fear her teenage years.