LASIK update

Y’all.  Y’ALL.  I had several people tell me how awesome it is, how I would wish I’d done it years ago.  And guess what?  I TOTALLY WISH I’D DONE IT YEARS AGO.  In addition to the cost (which is admittedly substantial), I was mostly worried about silly things, like being required to keep my eyes closed for 4 hours after the procedure (not a problem, thanks to the Xanax AND Valium they gave me beforehand, ZZZ) having to keep up with multiple sets of eye drops, and being able to see well enough to drive myself back home (90 miles) by the next day.  But in the end, none of that was a big deal at all (well, except the money but WORTH IT).

I may sound like a cheesy-ass ad but seriously.  I’ve worn contacts for 25 years, glasses for a couple of years beyond that.  I walked into that operating room unable to see the big E without corrective lenses.  I had high myopia and required about a -7.5 corrective diopter to see, at best, 20/30-ish.  My vision was about 20/400 uncorrected.  That is not good.  Impressive in its crappiness, actually, especially when you consider it’s been that bad since I was about 10 years old.

But now I see 20/15 in both eyes.  Better than “normal” visual acuity of 20/20.  I can’t even begin to tell you how cool it is to open my eyes in the morning and SEE.  EVERYTHING.  I can see in the shower!  I can fall asleep to the TV without worrying about my glasses!  I’ve never known what that was like.


Tiny Little Smartass

I believe I’ve mentioned how Misty/Miss T (am still trying to give these new names a chance, perhaps it would be easier if I wrote more often) is cute but evil.  In yet another example of the child’s disturbing cleverness, yesterday N was playing Wii so that she could watch.  But then she got tired of Super Mario 3.

Misty:  I want to play a different game.  I want to play a different game.

N:  [says nothing; continues to play]

Misty:  I want to play a different game.  I want to play a different game.

N:  [still says nothing; continues playing]

Misty:  I want to play a different game.  I want to play a different game!  I! Want! To! Play! A! Different! Game!

Me: [in the kitchen, unsure as to whether N is purposely ignoring her or is so deep in the zone that he truly doesn’t hear, but either way I am slowly being driven crazy whether he is or not]  MISTY.  That is ENOUGH.  We HEAR YOU.

Misty:  But I want to play a different game.  I want to play a different game!  I want to play a different game!

Me:  Say it again.  Say it ONE MORE TIME, and you’ll sit in time out.  [meaningful glare]

Misty:  [sweetly and deliberately]  Daddy, can you please put in another game?

A New Purchase

Though I did love my BMW X5 and for the most part I enjoyed owning and driving it, we decided to let it go and get something a bit more practical.  We’d had the X5 in the shop no less than four times since purchasing it a year ago, and between the constant threat of major mechanical problems and ever-rising gas costs, it began to feel rather like an albatross.

So we took it down to the local Toyota dealership and they offered us a good deal.  Now we’re rocking a 2011 Prius.  It isn’t flashy, it isn’t fast, but it is a smooth, dependable ride and quite frankly the potential gas savings make me a little weak in the knees.

N and I plan to trade off driving it, but I’ve been back behind the wheel of our old faithful 4Runner for a couple days now and honestly, I’m completely fine with that.  I loved that 4Runner from the second I got behind the wheel for a test drive back in October of 2001 and there was a part of me that always felt I’d betrayed it by buying the X5 in the first place.

It might sound silly, but now I think we’ve returned to the natural order of things.  I belong behind the wheel of that old stellar blue pearl (NOT PURPLE) 4Runner, not a snobby, stuffy, tank-like X5.  Turns out I wasn’t much of a BMW gal after all.

Cubicle Farms

I’ve been working in my current cube for 3 years now and while I’m generally not bothered by ambient office noise, the lack of privacy provided by 5.5-foot walls does get irritating.  Particularly when I’m in the midst of a deadline or trying to work on a complex budget.  My cube also happens to be at the end of a row at a rather high-traffic area, so people are walking back and forth all day long.

But a week from tomorrow, all that changes.  Because I’m moving into a new cubicle.  And it has eight-foot walls and a sliding door with frosted privacy glass.  A DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR.  With a lock even!  I am so excited!

There’s also a ton more desk space, lots of storage and several magnetic dry-erase boards.

Oh, and did I mention the door?  This new cubicle has a door.

(Seriously!  A DOOR!!)

The End

You’ve reached it.




  1. Pickles & Dimes on the 30. Aug, 2011 remarked #

    I need more info on the LASIK. Specifically, how did it feel when they pried your eye open??? That’s the part that freaks me out.

    A cube with a door? Yay! That is awesome.

  2. Allison on the 13. Oct, 2011 remarked #

    I went for a LASIK consult a few weeks ago…but MAN is it expensive 🙁 I know everyone says it is totally worth it…but wow. I have a hard time shelling out that kind of $$…I’m thinking, I could go on several pretty amazing vacations for that amount of cash…

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