The world of academia – a Moscow perspective

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to participate in an exchange program which took me to Moscow. People, let me tell you: I never imagined that working in university research administration could provide such amazing travel opportunities. I was selected as a participant in the Eurasia Foundation US-Russia Social Expertise Exchange program,¬†and they sponsored […]

Updates (Title! Such creative! So exciting!)

I guess I’m back to posting sporadically, which is presumably better than not posting at all. I suppose so, anyway. Even though I really enjoy writing, I find there isn’t much of interest going on in my day-to-day life. At least not much of anything that I could write about in a way to be […]

Why it matters

On Saturday I took my 9 year old daughter down to San Francisco’s Civic Center to participate in the Women’s March. I knew there would be tens of thousands of people there. I knew it would be cold and rainy and the 9yo was unlikely to last the entire time. So why did I bother? […]

2016 in review

I’m still trying to get back into regular writing (and my sweet husband got me a shiny new Chromebook for Christmas and now I have no excuses) so what better way to do that then an easy Q&A? I’ve done this one at least a few times before but not for 2015 because lazy. Anyway, […]


It’s harder this year. Isn’t it? The world – and especially our country – is changing and sometimes that seems scary and overwhelming, and I don’t know about anyone else but I’m having a hard time with thankfulness of late. So I’m going to do a little something I’ve done before (no links, because lazy […]